Bike Fitting

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BikeCoach is a leading provider of bike fit services in Australia.
We pride ourselves on offering a level of service that can be hard to come by in the industry.

Chris Steffanoni has studied extensively in the areas of Biomechanics, Anatomy & Physiology, and Sports Injury Management. Combining this scientific knowledge with years of experience as an elite road racer and professional coach, Chris is able to perform a truly comprehensive and objective biomechanical analysis.



  1. Cyclists suffering from a complaint which prevents them from riding as often as they would like and may also impede cycling performance.

Often these clients are referred to us by medical professionals such as physiotherapists, myotherapists and sports physicians. Other times riders wish to use us as their first point of call. 
With our expertise,  cyclists can get back on their bikes and ride with improved comfort, performance and reduced levels of pain.

          2. The second category is a cyclist who does not suffer from any discomfort, but understands that a professional bike fit will ensure that they are seated in the most effective and efficient position on their bike.
This guarantees increases power and economy. Importantly the rider will be in a position which reduces the risk of any overuse injuries.



a) Sore lower back or neck  b) Numb hands or fingers   c) Sore shoulders   d) Pelvic asymmetry  e) feet rolling in or out  f) Burning sensations under their feet   g) sore or aching knees   h) male and female genital discomfort   i) sore achilles tendon   j) saddle sores


Bike Coach is different.

We do not give you a "free" bike fit as a means of convincing you to buy a bike that may or may not be the correct bike for you. We do have certain parts and frames available for clients to purchase if you wish, but if you still want to be loyal to your local shop we will give you a list of suggested products that you will benefit from. 

You are getting a fully qualified and professional. Instead of a salesperson that has learned how to use a certain bike fit system or program at a shop, at BikeCoach you get professional that has studied and trained as a  Clinical Sports Therapist & Professional Cycling Coach, specialising in bike fitting. Chris Steffanoni is accredited with the Australian Sports Commission, Cycling Australia and Sports Medicine Australia. And is currently finishing his studies in Health Science/Complementary Medicine. 

We do not use one of the marketed bike fit systems commonly available and widely used by bike stores. Many shops use measuring tools along with a software program to determine what your perfect fit will be. These systems are aimed to allow untrained employees of a shop to quickly take some measurements and come up with some magic numbers such as your seat height etc. From our experience, these systems are  unreliable. For some cyclists they will come up with a fairly good fit, but others will find that the fit does not suit them at all.
The main reason for this is that these systems do not take into account variables like, riding style, past or present injuries, physical imbalance and flexibility just to name a few. We do take certain elements and tools from different fitting systems and bring them together to be used in our own dynamic fit process. Being accredited with the Australian Sports Commission means that we are kept up to date with the most recent information in many areas instead of just relying on "traditional" methods and ideas.